Reviewers Liked

  • Large screen, low price, Snapdragon 400 performs well, Incredible standby time, good overall battery life, When camera hits, it hits very decently, Near stock version of Android
  • Inexpensively priced phablet, Impressive battery life, Mostly stock Android experience is simple & intuitive, Multitasking element when it comes to playing videos, Camera app has a lot of useful shooting modes & manual controls
  • Big 5.7-inch display. Long battery life. Very affordable
  • TMobile's ZTE ZMax has a competitive prepaid price, a spacious display, and a sizeable battery

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Large screen is an average performer, Handling can be awkward, Odd material design choices, Camera misses more than it hits
  • Generic looking design, Zero software features that would enhance the experience, Slow focus & snapshot with the camera, which results in blurring, Visible distortion at wide viewing angles, Speakerphone is weak for phone calls
  • Generic look. Dated capacitive keys
  • The ZMax is heavy and uncomfortable to hold, its screen is dim, and it lacks NFC