Samsung XP941 NGFF M.2 SSD PCIe



Samsung XP941 NGFF M.2 SSD PCIe

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So good we use it...

By PCPowerPlay AU on

Part of the SATA 3.2 standard, SATA Express taps into the high bandwidth available from PCIe yet joins multiple SATA connectors together in a way that remains backwards compatible with existing drives. While many new motherboards include SATAe, we don't...

By APC Magazine on

The Samsung XP941 M.2 PCIe solid state drive is a phenomenal drive that flaunts its 1GB/s performance and is worth every dollar for your next upgrade, that is if you can find...

By on

There's been a lot of recent talk about the Samsung SM951 M.2 PCIe SSD. It was supposed to launch as an NVMe product, but ended up coming out in AHCI form . We can only assume that Samsung chose to hold back on their NVMe-capable iteration because many...

By PCPer on

There are many choices when buying flash to accelerate intensive desktop-oriented workloads like those for media and entertainment (M&E), oil and gas research, CAD and more. It's not always obvious though where to justify the expense when it comes to...

By StorageReview on

The good news is that RamCity has lowered its pricing since May. The XP941 still carries a premium over SATA SSDs, but it is now more competitive in price at less than a dollar per gigabyte. For US-based customers, finding the XP941 in stock can be a bit...

By AnandTech on

If you're into storage like I'm into storage, ASRock's Z97 Extreme6 is something special. On one board, it exposes SATA, two-lane M.2 attached to the platform controller hub (at second-gen signaling rates), SATA Express, and four-lane M.2 wired straight...

By Tom's Hardware on

After reading about and trying out the Samsung XP941 M.2 PCIe SSD we can confirm that the these drives are hyped up for good reason. The Samsung XP941 is the fastest SSD available on the market and we were impressed by the real world performance numbers...

By Legit Reviews on

The only major problem in the XP941 is that it doesn't support booting in most Windows systems. If you are a Mac Pro owner, this issue doesn't concern you but for everyone else it's definitely a major drawback. Using an SSD as a secondary drive can make...

By AnandTech on

I'm guessing that we'll probably see something from Samsung at this year's Global SSD Summit, or at least I deeply hope so. We'd also like to see more competition from other SSD manufacturers, but until SandForce's SF3700 is ready to hit the market in the second half of 2014, there isn't a drive that can challenge the XP941.

By AnandTech on