Benchmarks: High Quality

Enabling the high quality graphics preset had a huge impact on frame rates, dropping the GTX 980 from 88/98fps to just 30/65fps.

What is most noticeable here is the huge reduction in minimum frame rates, which in the case of the GTX 980 is 3x less than the average frame rate.

This means at 1080p using the high quality visuals the GTX 980 was the only GPU able to deliver a minimum of 30fps.

When looking at averages, gamers will require either the GTX 680, GTX 760 or R9 285 for 30fps+.

The 1440p high quality performance is rough, requiring a GTX Titan or R9 290 just to average 30fps.

Multi-GPU technology is a must for gaming at 4K resolutions in The Witcher 3. Here we see a single GTX 980 is good for just 24fps on average with a minimum of 12fps.