Benchmarks: Medium Quality

At 1080p using the medium quality settings we already get a sense for just how demanding The Witcher 3: Wild Hint really is. The performance above isn't that much faster than what we saw when benchmarking GTA V using the maximum quality settings with normal textures.

That said, for a minimum of 30fps gamers need only a Radeon HD 7850 or GeForce GTX 660 Ti. Those shooting for a minimum of 60fps are going to need some serious firepower – think GTX Titan or R9 290.

Now at 1440p we find that not even the GTX 980 can deliver a minimum of 60fps, though it did provide an average of 62fps. The R9 290X was the next fastest GPU, though it averaged only 53fps – slightly faster than the GTX 970.

For a minimum of 30fps, the HD 7950 Boost or ideally the R9 285 will be required, while Nvidia users will get away with the GTX 960 or GTX 780.

4K gamers won't find The Witcher 3 particularly playable on anything less than a GTX 980 when using just the medium quality settings. The GTX 980 averaged just 30fps with a minimum of 26fps.