CPU Performance

We saw heavy CPU utilization across quad-threaded processors, while those with eight threads spread the load evenly. The Core i3 was a real surprise here, delivering comparable performance to the Core i5 and even Core i7 processors.

The dual-core Pentium G3258 didn't fare too poorly either and when overclocked it matched the FX-6350 while falling just short of the FX-8350. The overclocked G3258 also crushed the overclocked Athlon X4 860K when comparing both average and minimum frame rates.

AMD's flagship FX-9590 put forward a valiant effort, almost matching the Core i3-4360 with 82fps on average.

Clocked at just 2.5GHz the Core i7-4770K was still able to deliver an average of 84fps and a minimum of 50fps with the GTX 980 Ti. As we wound up the frequency the frame rates continued to grow as we finally arrived at 105fps at 4.5GHz. So even Core i5 and i7 users with an unlocked processor have something to gain in Arkham Knight, assuming they have the GPU power to take advantage of the CPU headroom.

The AMD FX-9590 looks plenty strong at 4.5GHz, but as we drop the frequency, performance starts to quickly decline and by the time we reach 2.5GHz the FX-9590 is only delivering about half the performance of the Core i7-4770K at the same frequency.