Power Consumption

Using a discrete graphics card we saw no performance advantages being offered by the Core i7-6700K when compared to the 4790K which is very disappointing. Comparing power consumption we find that the 6700K consumed just 7% less power and frankly we were hoping for a lot more given the lack of performance.

Comparing power consumption when benchmarking with Hybrid lead to even less impressive results for the Core i7-6700K as it was just 4% more efficient than the 4790K while being 2% slower in this test.

The i7-6700K consumed 10% less power than the 4790K when testing with 7-Zip, though keep in mind it was also 8% slower.

When testing with WinRAR we see that the 6700K consumed 15% less power than the 4790K when comparing multi-threaded performance, but again it was 9% slower.