Application Performance

The Core i7-6700K offered no performance gains in Excel 2013 when compare to the 4790K as we find it to be slightly slower. Again it is disappointing to find no performance gains here as well.

The Core i7-6700K was actually 8% slower than the 4790K in 7-Zip and coincidently this is the same maximum Turbo clock deficit. Therefore it seems likely that clock-for-clock both the 6700K and 4790K deliver the exact same performance in this application.

As was the case when testing with 7-Zip, we find that the 6700K is again slower than the 4790K, this time when testing with WinRAR.

Disappointingly, the Core i7-6700K came up well short of the 4790K when comparing Photoshop CC performance, here it was 5% slower.

The Core i7-6700K was also slower than the 4790K in Illustrator, this time we find it trailing by a 17% margin.