iGPU Gaming Performance

The Core i7-6700K offered a 27% performance boost over the 4790K when comparing 1280x800 performance in BioShock and 28% more performance at 1440x900. Despite that, it was still 35% slower than the AMD A10-7870K and 40% slower than the Core i7-5775C.

Here we see just 27.6fps at 1440x900 though this meant that the Core i7-6700K was 31% faster than the 4790K. Still it was 14% slower than the AMD A10-7870K and 33% slower than the 5775C.

When testing with Hitman Absolution we find that the Core i7-6700K is 20% faster than the 4790K at 1440x900 while trailing the A10-7870K by just 5%. Still, the 6700K was 18% slower than the 5775C.

The i7-6700K was able to deliver a very playable 52.2fps in Tomb Raider, matching the AMD A10-7870K and in the process delivering 40% more performance than the 4790K, yet it was still a whopping 46% slower than the 5775C.

This time the i7-6700K averaged just 23.4fps, though that was 29% faster than the 4790K, just 6% slower than the A10-7870K and 26% slower than the 5775C.

The Core i7-6700K was good for an average of 28fps at 1440x900 in Crysis 3 making it 23% faster than the 4790K but 39% slower than the 5775C.