Benchmarks: 1080p

Those looking to play The Phantom Pain at 1080p will get away with relatively low-end/dated hardware. The nearly four year old HD 7950 averaged 48fps with a minimum of 38fps (very playable) while the new GTX 950 provided a strong average of 52fps with a minimum of 40fps .

Nvidia has a clear advantage in this title at the moment and that can be seen when making numerous comparisons. The GTX 950 for example was 33% faster than the R7 370 when comparing minimum frame rates and the GTX 970 was just a single frame slower than the R9 390X.

Older GPUs that Nvidia and AMD seem to have stopped supporting or at least optimizing we should say still managed to provide competitive performance. For example, the GTX 680 was on par with the 7970 GHz Edition.