Benchmarks: 4K

Apologies to those who wanted to see the R9 Fury X and Fury in our results. Sadly AMD is circulating just 1 or 2 of each card in Australia and we weren't able to hold onto ours. Worst still, everywhere locally that I have checked, along with major retailers such as, have been out of the Fury X for weeks.

With AMD's heavy hitters in short supply, the fastest AMD GPU we have on hand is the R9 390X and while it was able to keep pace with the GTX 780 Ti and slightly trail the GTX 970, we had nothing that could be compared with the GTX 980 or faster.

Ideally when playing The Phantom Pain at 4K gamers are going to want at least one GTX 980 Ti graphics card. Our best estimates would place the Fury X at around 45fps, a few frames slower than the GTX 980 Ti while the standard Fury should be comfortably faster than the GTX 980, though we are just speculating.