Battery Life

Inside the Galaxy Note 5 is an 11.55 Wh (3,000 mAh at 3.85 V) lithium ion battery, which is seven percent smaller than the 12.4 Wh (3,220 mAh) battery we saw in the previous-generation Note 4. The shift from a 28nm to 14nm SoC does have significant power consumption implications, but we're also seeing performance improvements and a brighter display that affect battery life results.

It's also worth noting that the Note 5's battery is not removable, unlike every previous version of the Galaxy Note. While I personally don't care if a battery is non-removable, as an OEM can cut down on device size by removing the plastic housing and removable back cover that's required to facilitate a replaceable battery, this change will undoubtedly annoy some power users who like swapping out batteries on the go.

The change unfortunately means that if the Galaxy Note 5's battery life is inadequate, you'll need to carry around a battery bank to give the device more juice on the go. Luckily battery banks are commonplace these days, and are fairly cheap, but it's obviously not as convenient as being able to change batteries inside the phone.