Application Benchmarks

The AMD FX-8320E remains the king of Excel with a surprisingly fast 4.5 second completion time once overclocked. The Core i3-6100 on the other hand was actually slower than the Core i3-4360 using the DDR4-2133 memory, thanks to its higher latency when compared to DDR3. Moving to the much faster DDR4-3000 memory did allow the 6100 to overtake the 4360, though not by a significant margin.

Adobe Photoshop CC is another application that works well on the overclocked AMD FX-8320E, though it didn't exactly blow the Core i3-6100 out of the water. Again we see very little difference between using DDR4-2133 and DDR4-3000 memory with the Core i3-6100.

The AMD FX-8320E dominates another application test, this time the 7-zip 32MB dictionary benchmark. Meanwhile, the Core i3-6100 is only able to slightly improve upon the performance benchmark set by the Core i3-4360.

Finally, we have WinRAR and again AMD's FX-8320E fares well. The Core i3-6100 was surprisingly slow with the DDR4-2133 memory, though it did pick up the pace once armed with the DDR4-300 memory.