Benchmarks: Dying Light, F1 2015

Dying Light is another game where the Radeon R9 380X pulls well ahead of the R9 280X, as was the case Civilization: Beyond Earth we find the R9 380X to be more than 20% faster. Not only that, but as was the case with Civilization we find when testing Dying Light the R9 380X was just 9% slower than the R9 390 but 14% faster than the R9 380.

The Radeon R9 380X rendered an average of 69fps in F1 2015 at 1080p and this meant it was just 6% faster than the R9 380 and 29% slower than the R9 390. Meanwhile the R9 380X was also 9% slower than the R9 280X, which was a disappointing discovery.