Benchmarks: Call of Duty, Civilization

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare provided little fight for these mid-range GPU's, as the Radeon R9 380X spat out 119fps and yet it was still 2% slower than the R9 280X while beating the almost 4 year old Radeon HD 7970 by a single frame. Again the R9 380X lead the 380 by a 9% margin while losing to the R9 390 by a 25% deficit.

The Civilization: Beyond Earth results are very interesting for a few reasons. Firstly the Radeon R9 380X crushes the R9 280X by a 21% margin, previously it had delivered similar performance and was often slightly slower. The R9 380X was also 13% faster than the R9 380 which is the biggest margin seen yet. Moreover it was just 8% slower than the R9 390.