Being that the Carbide Series 600C is only a mid-tower, it isn't designed to be crammed with loads of hardware. Although you could comfortably fit two or three graphics cards inside, while a fourth is also possible.

That said, for our build we went with the Asrock Z97 Extreme9, a Core i5-4690K, 16GB of RAM and the Radeon R9 295X2, which fit with plenty of room to spare. We also tried a pair of GeForce GTX 980s and those managed to look small in the 600C.

We used the Gigabyte R9 290X OC, for the photos but unfortunately at the time we only had a single card on hand.

Storage was taken care of by a pair of 3.5" WD Red 6TB hard drives, two 2.5" Red 1TB drives and a Crucial MX200 1TB SSD.

Powering everything was the Silverstone Strider Gold S Series 850w, a fully modular and compact power supply measuring just 150mm long.

There were no hiccups to report during the installation process, as the 600C was a pleasure to work with. We started by installing the motherboard with the Noctua NH-D14 preinstalled, the 160mm tall tower cooler didn't look nearly as massive as it does in other mid-sized cases.

Around the back there was loads of room to access the mounting hardware for the Noctua NH-D14, even with three 2.5" drives installed. We didn't spend much time routing the power cables, but even so it was quite easy to keep everything tidy.

With everything installed, including the Radeon R9 290X graphics card, the 600C didn't look busy at all. This case does an excellent job of hiding cables.

Once the tinted door panel is closed the hardware blends into the background which makes for a cool effect. Case modders will really enjoy adding some LED strip lights to the 600C and I wish we had some handy for the review.