Internal Design

Inside the Carbide Series 600C is very much what we expected to find. The core components are pretty well divided with the lower section of the 600C is dominated by the non-removable motherboard tray, which features a massive cut out for installation of after-market cooling as well as a number of cable management grommets.

All said there are four large grommets, one at the top (or in this case the bottom) of the motherboard and three along the backside. There are also two large holes in the bottom of the case that will end up being at the top of the motherboard. These are handy for routing fan cables and the 8-pin CPU power cable(s).

Interestingly, all of the cooling is found in the main section of the case, which means there will be no real airflow for the 3.5" drive bays in the top. Moreover, the ATX power supply can't draw in cool air externally and instead uses air pumped from the front intake fans. This isn't an ideal setup for the PSU, though we can't imagine it being a serious problem.

With no fan options in the top of the 600C we find a single 140mm fan installed in the rear as an exhaust and two 140mm fans in the front to draw cool air in. Additionally, you can install another two 140mm or 120mm fans in the bottom. As standard, Corsair has preinstalled dust filters at the front and bottom fan locations.

The radiator support allows for radiators as large as 360mm to be installed in the bottom and radiators as large as 280mm in the front, while the rear is limited to 140mm or smaller.

Getting back to the motherboard tray area we find room for a CPU tower cooler as high as 200mm and this means there won't be compatibility issues with any existing products, as most measure 160mm or less. The 600C will accept graphics cards as long as 395mm without sacrificing support for any other hardware which is nice. Given that massive graphics cards such as the Radeon R9 295X2 only measure 307mm long, the 600C provides loads of headroom for the biggest graphics cards out there.

Moving towards the top of the case users will find a pair of plastic shields that block access to the power supply and storage devices. These panel covers can be removed not just for installation but also to give the user the option to show off their power supply and 2.5" SSDs.

The panels don't actually need to be removed for installation, as removing the left side door provides plenty of access to the power supply and 3.5" drive bays, while there are three 2.5" drive cages on the rear side of the motherboard tray.

This means in total the 600C offers two 5.25" drive bays, two 3.5" drive cages and three 2.5" drive cages. That isn't a huge amount of storage space for a 63L case, but when you consider the widespread availability of 6TB or larger hard drives and the increased size and affordability of modern SSDs, we feel this is sufficient.

The 3.5" bays feature tool-less drive cages that are quick and easy to install hard drives in, while the 2.5" drive cages don’t even require removable trays to slot 2.5" SSDs in and out of.

Behind the motherboard tray there is at least 25mm of room for stashing excess cabling and some sections offer up to 35mm of clearance. Corsair has also included a number of handy tabs which are useful for connecting zip ties to keep cables in place.