Application Benchmarks

Here we see an 18% performance boost as the overclocked Core i3-6100 took just 7.1 seconds to complete the Excel workload, making it almost as fast as the Core i5-4430.

The overclocked Core i3-6100 is able to overtake the Core i5-4430 in our Photoshop CC test and moreover was able to match the overclocked FX-8320E at 4.6GHz.

Again we find that the overclocked Core i3-6100 is able to deliver similar performance to that of the Core i5-4430, making it 24% faster than its standard 3.7GHz configuration.

The overclocked Core i3-6100 was just 13% faster when measuring multi-threaded performance in WinRAR, but 23% faster in the single-thread test. Still we are more than happy to accept the extra performance.