Benchmarks: 1080p

Using the high quality settings at 1080p the game looks impressive, which is probably why we find graphics cards such as the GTX 780 and R9 280X falling short of a 60fps average. The more affordable current gen cards, such as the R9 380 and GTX 960, were able to deliver playable performance, albeit sub-60fps performance.

The most affordable GPUs to break the 60fps barrier were the GTX 970 and R9 390, both of which cost around $300. Interestingly if we look to the top of our chart we find that this GameWorks title is ruled by the R9 Fury X with an average of 96fps, though I should point out the GTX 980 Ti provided a slightly better minimum result.

Enabling the ultra-quality preset had a massive impact on performance and the R9 Fury X took a 21% hit as it dropped down to an average of 76fps. The GTX 980 Ti wasn't hit quite as hard, suffering a 16% performance drop to 78fps, which afforded it a small performance advantage over the Fury X. Obviously a few of those Nvidia features are enabled under the ultra-quality preset.

For an average of 60fps at 1080p gamers will require either a GTX 980 or R9 390X, which is a tall order. Still the game was perfectly playable with the older GTX 780 and R9 280X graphics cards, if you don't mind dipping down to console-like performance now and then.