Application Performance

Thanks to the use of a Core i5-6500 processor, the Asrock DeskMini blasted its way through our Excel workload in just 5.9 seconds - a blistering fast time for such a small PC.

The DeskMini proved itself the king of PowerPoint - taking just 2.9 seconds to complete the workload. This puts the rest of the small form factor systems we tested to shame.

Here the DeskMini reached a total of 15114 MIPS making it 34% faster than AMD's quad-core APUs and almost 50% faster than the Cubi 2 Plus.

The DeskMini and Cubi 2 Plus will provide a similar browsing experience according to the Mozilla Kraken JavaScript benchmark. Both were worlds better than other ultra-small form factor PCs such as Asrock's own Beebox.

The last application performance that we are going to look at is WinRAR, and here we see the DeskMini again leaving the competition well behind.