System Performance

Before we get into gaming performance, let's take a look at how the G752VS performs in general system benchmarks.

Comparing the G752VS with the i7-6820HK to a Core i7-6700HQ gaming laptop, in this case the Gigabyte P34Wv5, presents the G752VS in a favourable light. The CPU is around 25% faster across our main CPU-limited tests, which is a decent gain helped by the factory overclock to 3.8 GHz.

Considering the CPU sits around 75C when stressed I believe there is a bit more room for overclocking depending on what sort of tolerances you have for temperatures.

SSD performance is excellent, boasting class leading sequential and random transfer speeds. Performance will have been improved by the RAID 0 array, particularly for sequential writes which were off the charts. All up, if you get a model with a high amount of storage, make sure to install your games there to get ultra-fast loading times.