Display, Keyboard and Trackpad

There are four display options available with the G752VS, all of which are 17.3-inches IPS LCDs with G-Sync support. The most basic display is a 1080p unit with a 60 Hz refresh rate, but there's also 75 Hz and 120 Hz options at the same resolution. The highest-end display is a 4K 60 Hz model with 100% Adobe RGB coverage.

The model that I received to review was the 1080p 75 Hz variant, which is a good mix between affordability and performance. The GTX 1070 should actually be powerful enough to run games at 4K, however you'll get significantly higher frame rates running at 1080p.

Asus rates this display at 300 nits of brightness with 72% NTSC color space coverage, and in my testing I validated these claims (in fact the display manages 335 nits of brightness). The choice to target NTSC rather than sRGB means the G752VS falls short of 100% sRGB coverage, and accuracy is poor, often reporting average dE2000 values above 5.0 for some of our display tests.

The display can be color corrected to an extent, however even a calibrated display still falls short of ideal dE2000 values in saturation and general accuracy. The good news is that grayscale accuracy can be calibrated to essentially perfect levels (dE2000 under 1.0), however the gamut limitations mean that other aspects cannot be fully corrected.

Does the color accuracy of the display really matter? Probably not, considering this display is mainly targeted at gamers rather than creative professionals. In general, the display looks okay, not as amazing as I'd like for an expensive laptop with an IPS display, but serviceable.

The main benefits to this display are the higher-than-normal 75 Hz refresh rate (or 120 Hz if you choose that option) and G-Sync, which delivers a smooth and stutter free gaming experience. These are two features you'd want more than perfect color accuracy in a gaming laptop.

The G752VS' keyboard is well suited to gaming. The layout is comfortable due to good sized keys and decent spacing between each key, as well as bonus features like an extended-height spacebar, massive right control, right shift and enter keys, and a full-sized arrow key collection. On top of this is a handy numpad, a row of five macro keys, and red-highlighted WASD keys.

The tactile feedback of the keyboard is acceptable. There's a good amount of travel in each key, however the rubber dome keycaps aren't as clicky as I'd like from a gaming laptop keyboard, and there's a small amount of flex in the keyboard assembly. I appreciate the bright but not invasive red backlighting behind each key (there's no RGB support), and there are handy dedicated keys to open the ROG Gaming Center and to initiate game recording, plus a range of functions attached to the F-keys.

The included trackpad is large and responsive, paired with two physical mouse buttons that feature great, even travel. I don't expect the trackpad will get much use for gaming sessions, as most will attach an external mouse but it's nice to know that it's capable for some occasional use.