Graphics Performance

As expected, the GTX 1070 absolutely dominates the GTX 980M, which is the fastest mobile GPU I had tested – for GTX 1080 mobile benchmarks you can also check this out. In the most demanding test we used, Fire Strike, the GTX 1070 is a staggering 77% faster. Like I said earlier, expect to see around 30% better performance than the GTX 980 as well.

The G752VS also dominates our range of game benchmarks that we've been using for over a year now. In all these titles, most of which are a few years old, the GTX 1070 provides huge frame rates that well exceed the 75 Hz refresh rate of the display, even at maximum quality levels. Again, it crushes the GTX 980M by providing near double the performance.

I also decided to test a range of more modern games, and these are the results I achieved at the listed quality levels. Unfortunately, I don't have any other laptops to compare these results to, but they do highlight just how powerful this gaming laptop is.

Game Settings Tested Average FPS
Grand Theft Auto V 1080p, Max Settings, 4xMSAA, no TXAA, no FXAA, no advanced settings 87.4
Batman: Arkham Knight 1080p, Max Settings, GameWorks on 83
Rise of the Tomb Raider 1080p, Max Settings, DirectX 12 49.6
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 1080p, Ultra Settings, DirectX 11, no MSAA 50.4

Interestingly, the above results actually show the GTX 1070 in this laptop outperforming a GTX 1070 desktop by a small margin (9%) in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. There is nothing holding this laptop back from producing desktop-class performance, and the GPU produces more than enough performance for gaming at 1080p, particularly with G-Sync on-board that allows the frame rates to dip below 60 FPS without stutter or tearing.

Like with the CPU, I reckon there's a bit of overclocking headroom with the GPU, as temperatures only reached 76C under sustained load. The G752VS' cooling system is also not that loud for a gaming laptop - it doesn't have the same 'jet engine' sound as others I've reviewed - and there's at least a thousand RPM extra in the cooling fans that can be harnessed for overclockers. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time with the G752VS to assess how far this laptop can be pushed.