Graphics and Storage Performance

Here, the Moto G4 Play is marginally faster than the Moto G 2015, although the Adreno 306 delivers pretty uninspiring graphics performance in general. Despite having just a 720p display, the G4 Play falls behind many other smartphones on the market in on-screen comparison tests. In fact, it sits second to last on the GFXBench Manhattan On-Screen chart, only just ahead of last year's Moto G.

Hopefully we see the Snapdragon 410 retired shortly as the GPU power is lacking. Qualcomm's replacements, the Snapdragon 425, 430 and 435, should provide much better performance in this regard.

The good news is that, as expected for an entry-level handset, the Moto G4 Play does not throttle under intense graphics workloads. This leads to excellent sustained performance.

Motorola seems to be using the same NAND as their previous generation model, with the G4 Play delivering pretty much the same performance in all tests bar random writes. Storage performance isn't anything special from this entry-level device, but it falls in line with the rest of the handset's performance.