Benchmarks: File Copy Test

The PM500 sustained a throughput of 642MB/s in our large compressed on-disk file transfer test. This placed it alongside the Intel SSD 600p and 750 series while making it faster than the Kingston Predator. That said, it was quite a bit slower than the Samsung SSD 950 Pro, 960 Pro and even the 960 Evo.

The Corsair MP500 was able to match the Samsung 950 Pro in our program test, though that isn't a particularly impressive feat here as that still makes it slower than the Kingston Predator. Moreover it was still considerably slower than the 960 series.

Last up we have the game copy performance, in which the MP500 matched the Intel SSD 600p and Kingston Predator with a throughput of 474MB/s. Still, when compared to the almost 1.1GB/s throughput of the Samsung SSD 960 Pro, the MP500 looked weak.