HAF 932 External Design

The Cooler Master HAF 932 is a truly impressive looking gaming case without being over the top in anyway. The design is clean yet aggressive at the same time, which is not easy to accomplish. From the most recent full tower ATX cases we have seen this year - and we have pretty much seen them all - the HAF 932 is probably the coolest.

The dimensions of the HAF 932 are fairly typical for a full tower ATX case measuring 9" wide, 22.5" long and 21.5" tall (23 x 58.5 x 55.5 cms). The case has been constructed from SECC (Steel, Electrogalvanized, Cold-rolled, Coil) which is a type of metal known for its low-cost and high thermal conduction properties making it ideal for computer cases. There is also quite a lot of plastic used but do not let that put you off as the HAF 932 looks like a piece of art.

On front the HAF 932 looks astonishing and describing it accurately is not easy, therefore be sure to check out the pictures we have posted along. The face features six metal mesh 5.25” drive bay plates that help draw cool air into the case. There's also a front mounted 9" fan which hides behind a very attractive grill, we will look at this fan in more detail shortly.

At the very top of the case and directly above the 5.25” drive bays is the front I/O panel featuring four USB ports, a single Firewire port and eSATA port along with two audio jacks. There's also two bright blue LED lights that indicate hard drive activity and power. The I/O panel is easy to access and we like how there is no door covering it.

The top of the HAF 932 looks just as impressive as the rest of the case and is again very functional. The power button is labeled “Power” while there is a small circular reset button on the opposite side. Behind these buttons is a small tray where users can sit things like memory sticks, for example. This tray has a nice little rubber mat and when removed a fill port is exposed.

This allows easy access to the reservoir for users with water-cooling systems installed. Behind this tray is a massive fan grill for another huge 9" exhaust fan under it. It's also possible to mount a pair of smaller fans here as well.

Moving around to the left side case door, the unique HAF 932 design continues to impress. The door features yet another fan grill featuring another 9" fan. This grill can also support a total of four smaller 4.7" fans if the user desired to do so.

Opposite to the huge fan grill are five small air vents that look quite good and above them are the HAF initials which stand for “High Air Flow”. Above the fan grill area is a small tinted window which features gray cross hatches which makes for a positively unique look. The window shows off the top section of the motherboard along with the CPU cooler.

The opposite case door is a bit simpler featuring the same five small vents along with a cool looking box with an X through it.

Moving around to the rear of the HAF 932 you will find a simple setup that mounts the power supply at the bottom of the case. Above the power supply bracket are seven expansion slots and a 5.5" exhaust fan.

At the very top we have another power supply bracket though this one has been used to house inlet and outlet holes for water-cooling tubes. It is disappointing how the rear of the case has not been painted black, though keeping the price in mind we can probably overlook this.

That pretty much covers the external features of the Cooler Master HAF 932, let’s now move inside for a closer look...