Final Thoughts - The best case for the money?

The Cooler Master HAF 932 is quite possibly the best full tower ATX gaming case you can buy today for this kind of money. The HAF looks tough and aggressive while not being over the top. Then again the design manages to be clean and functional. Many gaming oriented cases manage to look aggressive, but at the same time a little silly as if they were designed for a 10-year old.

The HAF 932 on the other hand appeals to the 10-year old in us while also being a case that we wouldn’t be embarrassed to own. In fact, quite the opposite as the HAF 932 is the perfect case to use to show off.

As we mentioned previously, the HAF 932 is very well equipped featuring a huge degree of cooling options along with a list of other impressive features. More importantly it carries a price tag that won’t bowl you over. Currently, the Cooler Master HAF 932 can be had for $160 and that’s not a cut down version with half the fans missing, for this price you get the full package.

While testing the HAF 932 we found no exceptional issues, we were able to install high-end after market heatsinks without having to remove the motherboard which was a huge plus. Typically I am not a fan of these tool-less type designs, but this case's worked exceptionally well.

Another advantage that the HAF 932 has over most sub $200 full tower ATX cases is its weight of 29.1 lbs which is relatively low for a metal case. The Antec Twelve Hundred is slightly heavier at 31.9lbs while the all-aluminum NZXT Khaos weighs 34.6lbs. The Thermaltake Armor+ is another portly case weighing 37.0lbs, while their Spedo is a fair bit lighter at 27.3lbs. Really to get much lighter than the this Cooler Master case gamers will need to spend near $300.

We also found the HAF 932 to be very flexible, providing the means for those wanting to use water-cooling. For example, a dual-120mm radiator can easily be mounted at the top of the case, while mounting it externally is also an option. The case door can be modified to accommodate up to four 120mm fans, further improving air-flow.

Overall, we have been very pleased with the Cooler Master HAF 932 and we do feel you get exactly what you paid for with this one. Our Outstanding Product Award was definitely in order.