Watch Dogs 2, ARMA 3, Far Cry, For Honor

The Watch Dogs 2 results are a little confusing because despite all 16-threads being heavily utilized on the Ryzen CPUs, their performance isn't that impressive. The 6900K and 5960X crush the quad-core Core i7 chips and yet Ryzen doesn't enjoy the same gains. Obviously this is an optimization issue.

Ryzen isn't even competitive at 1440p in Watch Dogs 2, which is a shame. Again, hopefully something can be done to better support the new CPUs in this title.

ARMA 3 isn't a game I really like to test but in fear that you guys might burn this thing to the ground I have included it. Despite poor utilization, the 1800X actually looks good in relation to the 6900K, though unsurprisingly the higher-clocked Kaby Lake and Skylake chips offer much better performance in this title.

The 1440p results are much the same though the 6900K and Ryzen CPUs are more competitive with the Core i5s here.

Far Cry Primal isn't a particularly CPU-demanding game and it doesn't utilize a large number of threads. Despite offering smooth performance out of the box, the Ryzen 7 1800X and 1700X are slower than the Pentium G4560 here, though disabling SMT boosts performance by 14%, enough to put the 1800X on par with the 6900K.

The 1440p results are more competitive and again with SMT disabled the 1800X is able to rub transistors with the 6900K.

I told you guys I would get a For Honor CPU benchmark done – this counts right? Like Far Cry, this isn't a CPU-intensive game. That said, the Ryzen CPUs do rather well here, beating out the 6900K.

Moving to 1440p we hit a hard GPU bottleneck with the Titan XP so the results are very much shaped here.