Benchmarks: F1 2016, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Battlefield 1, Mafia III

The 1060 remains ahead for the F1 2016 benchmark, though with just a 3 fps difference for the average and 1 fps when comparing the minimum frame rate at 1080p, it was a close battle indeed.

Although Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is an AMD-sponsored title and we tested using the DX12 API, the GTX 1060 performs admirably at 1080p, matching the RX 570. The 1060 was overwhelmed at 1440p and this will be a VRAM capacity issue. That said with an average of just 34 fps the 570 wasn't exactly PC smooth.

Battlefield 1 provided an even battle between these two budget heavy weights. Basically we ended up with a dead heat at 1080p while the RX 570 was able to edge ahead by a 7% margin at 1440p. I'm mostly concerned with the 1080p performance so it was great to see both GPUs maintaining well over 60 fps at all times.

Oh Mafia III, how is it that more than six months since your release it still takes a GTX 1080 to play at 1080p using the high quality settings? The game also only offers low, medium and high, so it's not like high is some hyper quality setting. Nonetheless, even at 1080p both GPUs fail to get anywhere near 60 fps, making the 1060's 13% victory here a bit hollow. That said, downgrading to the medium preset will boost performance and the 1060 will maintain its lead.