Benchmarks: Dishonored 2, WATCH_DOGS2, Resident Evil 7, For Honor

Fresh off its biggest win, AMD now suffers its greatest loss in Dishonored 2, where the 1060 is 25% faster than the 570. Whereas the 570 dips down to 40 fps the 1060 never dropped below 50 fps.

The GTX 1060 was again faster than the 570, this time when testing with Watch Dogs 2. Here it enjoyed a 10% performance advantage at 1080p when comparing the average frame rate. That said the RX 570 did better when comparing the average frame rate, though it was just 2 fps faster here.

No I didn't accidentally test the 1060 at 4K. Using the very high quality preset Resident Evil 7 is extremely demanding on VRAM and as a result the 1060 3GB completely tanks. I had planned to see how far you have to relax the quality settings before the 3GB card comes to life but sadly I ran out of time.

Both GPUs did a great job with For Honor, averaging over 70 fps with a minimum of 57 fps. The GTX 1060 was a fraction faster overall but as you can see performance was similar, even at 1440p.