Benchmarks: Overwatch, Doom, Total War: Warhammer, Mirror's Edge Catalyst

To benchmark Overwatch I let 12 skill-less Zaryas loose to run around and annoy each other – no Zaryas were harmed during this benchmark. Using the Epic quality preset both mid-range GPUs provided respectable performance and quite shockingly the RX 570 just managed to edge ahead of the 1060 in this one.

Doom provides little challenge for these GPUs at 1080p and both averaged well over 100 fps at all times in our test scene. The RX 570 was on average 12% faster than the GTX 1060 but again with both pushing over 120 fps at 1080p and well over 60 fps at 1440p, it's not really a significant win for the red team.

Total War: Warhammer throws up some interesting results. Here we see the RX 570 leading when it comes to average frame rate performance but falling quite far behind for the minimum result. Performance was still smooth on the AMD card but it kind of makes it difficult to call a winner here.

The 1060 pull back in the lead for our Mirror's Edge Catalyst benchmark, beating the RX 570 by a convincing 12% margin at 1080p. That said both cards did push over 60 fps at all times.