Hitman, Quantum Break, Overwatch, Doom

Hitman is a game that features a huge number of NPCs and this can be quite taxing on the CPU, which is certainly what we've seen in the past with this title. This was another instance where the 7800X fell way behind the 7700K and the same is also true for the R5 1600. That said, whereas the 1600 was 15% slower than the 7800X at the stock clock speeds, overclocking both processors reduced the margin to 0, as both allowed no less than 61fps to be rendered.

I have confession to make: I completely botched the Quantum Break benchmark results in the previous 7800X vs. 7700K coverage. I'm not sure what went wrong but for some reason I was frame capped at 53fps. I wasn't testing with v-sync enabled and to fix the game I had to delete all the config files and start over. So some strange bug there, anyway the results are now fixed and I've triple checked everything.

Here we see that at the stock clock speeds the minimum frame rate for the R5 1600 is down on the 7800X by a 13% margin. However as we have seen numerous times already, overclocking the 1600 really helps to close up the margin and now the 1600 is just 4% slower.

To test Overwatch I used my standard bot match, which is quite CPU intensive. Nonetheless, the Ryzen 5 1600 stood strong and even edged ahead of the 7800X once both CPUs were overclocked.

Doom has an obvious 200 fps frame cap and unlike the 7800X the R5 1600 had no trouble reaching in at the stock clock speeds. Not much else to say here really so let's move on.