Warhammer, Mirror's Edge, F1 2016, Deus Ex

Total War: Warhammer has been tested out of interest sake using both the DirectX 12 and DirectX 11, the focus will be on the more modern DX12 API but as I said the DX11 results have been included purely out of interest sake. Here the R5 1600 easily beats the 7800X and when overclocked the minimum frame rate was 16% greater, the Ryzen CPU did still trail the 7700K by a decent margin as Intel’s quad-core proves to be quite the beast in this game.

Using the older DX11 API, the R5 1600 is now 22% faster than the 7800X once overclocked, the margin has opened up thanks to the GTX 1080 Ti's ability to render more frames when using DX11.

Out of the box, the Ryzen processor gets a little trampled in Mirror's Edge Catalyst as it was a rather massive 22% slower than the 7800X when comparing the minimum frame rate. Yet once overclocked, the 1600 was just 7% slower. Again though, with well over 100fps (in fact 120fps at all times), you have to wonder how important these margins really are. Nonetheless this is a win for the blue team so let's move on to see what F1 2016 has for us.

Here the R5 1600 was 19% slower than the 7800X when comparing the out of the box performance. That's a pretty big win for Intel but yet again we find that AMD is able to make up some serious ground through overclocking. At 4GHz the 1600 is now just 6% slower than the 7800X which is of course clocked at 4.7GHz.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a poor title for Ryzen, at least when paired with a GeForce graphics card. Something about the way the Nvidia drivers handle the DX12 API just doesn't agree with Ryzen.

Even once overclocked, the R5 1600 was still 19% slower than the 7800X, so this isn't a great title for the red team. The performance is hardly poor from an end-user's perspective, it's just a lot weaker when compared to the competition.

Showing you what I mean about Ryzen doing poorly with the GeForce card using DX12 in Deus Ex, I've retested using DX11. As you can see a radically different picture here and the R5 1600 is now able to match the 7800X in this title.