Watch Dogs 2, Prey, Dirt 4

It all goes a bit south for AMD when testing with Watch Dogs 2 and this title has never really been kind to the Ryzen CPUs. Here the R5 1600 was 24% slower at the stock clock speeds though that rather large margin is reduced to just 9% once both CPUs are overclocked.

Moving on, Prey isn't particularly CPU-demanding. Here the 7700K, 7800X and R5 1600 all deliver similar performance, especially once they are overclocked.

Wrapping up our 30 game shootout is Dirt 4, which runs well on the Ryzen 5 1600. At stock, the AMD processor was able to maintain more frames than the 7800X and once overclocked it was out right faster, even matching the 7700K for the minimum frame rate, so a stellar result for AMD here.