Civilization VI, Dishonored 2, Resident Evil 7

Civilization VI is a DirectX 12 title but it plays well with the Ryzen/GeForce combo and even stock they are able to clean up the Core i7-7800X. Overclocked the R5 1600 is 14% faster than the 7800X, though it is still 10% slower than the 7700K.

Dishonored 2 provides more interesting results, though they do reflect what we have seen from most of the titles tested so far. Stock the R5 1600 is 7% slower than the 7800X while quite shockingly it pulled ahead by a 9% margin once overclocked, an incredible result for the red team here.

Please note that I previously tested the 7700K and 7800X in Resident Evil 7 with a little bit of upscaling. For this test I have adjusted that scaling to 100% and now we are truly reflecting 1080p performance. For the first time we are seeing the R5 1600 fall further behind the 7800X once both CPUs are overclocked, stock the Ryzen CPU was 4% slower while overclocked it’s 6% slower. These aren't huge margins by any means but this is the first time we have seen this.