Benchmarks: Dishonored 2, DOOM, F1 2016

Moving on from the rather spectacular Dirt 4 numbers we find some underwhelming performance in Dishonored 2. This title has never been kind to AMD so I'm sure no one was expecting anything overly impressive here. Still, seeing the air-cooled Vega 64 only match the GTX 1070 Founders Edition was disappointing to say the least. The liquid-cooled version trailed the GTX 1080 FE card as well.

Doom is a title where we always anticipate AMD to do well – just check out the RX 580 beating the GTX 1060 by an 18% margin. In Vega's case, it's actually a lot less impressive. The Vega 56 is only 10% faster than the GTX 1070 FE while Vega 64 air-cooled is only able to match the MSI Gaming X 1080. So while strong performance overall, it's still not quite as impressive as you might expect in this title.

Despite Vega 56 racing ahead of the GTX 1070 in F1 2016, the air-cooled Vega 64 model was most unimpressive, only tacking on a few extra frames. The liquid-cooled version was much more remarkable and did manage to pull ahead of MSI's factory-overclocked GTX 1080. Overall solid performance from Vega here with the exception of the air-cooled 64 model.