Benchmarks: ME Andromeda, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Overwatch

Mass Effect Andromeda shows us what we've seen a number of times already, Vega 56 is roughly on par with the GTX 1070 while Vega 64 needs to be liquid cooled to catch, or at least come close to catching the GTX 1080. Another average result here for AMD.

Moving on we have Mirror's Edge Catalyst and for this one Vega looks quite competitive. The air-cooled Vega 64 model is still quite underwhelming but I was impressed with what the liquid cooled version pulled out this time. Vega 56 also does a good job against the GTX 1070.

Overwatch generally favors the green team and we see this here when comparing Vega to the GeForce 10 series. Vega 64 struggles to match the GTX 1070 in this title and even the liquid cooled version drops to the same 1% lows. I mean we are seeing well over 100fps at all times, but Vega 64 pales in comparison to the GTX 1080.