Benchmarks: Battlegrounds, Prey, Quake Champions

Vega sucks big time in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds right now and while many will no doubt argue this game shouldn't be included as it's still early access, I obviously disagree. In fact I believe most of you do given the overwhelming amount of requests I received to test Vega's performance in this title. Battlegrounds might only be in the early access phase but it's massively popular right now and it's a game AMD surely needs to optimize for ASAP! Hold off on releasing another optimized mining driver and sort out Battlegrounds please.

Looking at the average frame rate performance in Prey we see that Vega is competitive with competing GeForce 10 series graphics cards. That said, the 1% low results were always noticeably lower so I'm not sure if this is yet again another suspected driver issue or something else. I should note that the air-cooled Vega 64 model was pretty underwhelming while the liquid cooled version is decent.

AMD's recently released Crimson ReLive 17.8.1 driver improved performance in Quake Champions and this is the driver I used for all the Vega testing. Please note performance for the Fury X and RX 580 went unchanged. I saw between a 6-8% performance boost for the Vega GPUs in this title. That was enough to push Vega 56 ahead of the GTX 1080 in this title while the liquid cooled Vega 64 card wasn't that much slower than the GTX 1080 Ti. Impressive stuff in this game, even if it is a sponsored title.