Bottom Line: Immediate Buy or Not?

The Acer Predator X34P is better than the original X34 in most ways: it supports a higher refresh rate, it's more curved, the stand is more flexible, and the design is better across the board. However, it doesn't reach the same levels of color performance, though the difference is small after a few OSD tweaks.

To be clear, both displays deliver great color performance, and the things I'm talking about here will be nitpicks for most buyers. If you want a fast, high-resolution ultrawide with a great IPS display, the X34P gives you exactly that. It's a great proposition for gamers in particular due to that new 120 Hz refresh rate.

And let's not discount the improved design, either. Acer has removed the glossy plastic, which makes the monitor not only look better, but it's less likely to attract dust and grime over time.

The bezels have shrunk marginally, the stand is more flexible with new swivel support, and the OSD controls have finally been upgraded to a directional toggle. Most people will appreciate the greater level of curvature, too, considering the monitor is so wide.

Pricing for this monitor is interesting. In Australia, the X34P sits at $1,700, which was the original launch price of the X34 that has since trickled down to $1300. That's a significant price difference, and I suspect we'll see something similar in the US when it becomes available. We just happen to be one of the first publications to review this monitor and Australia one of the first markets to get it.

The original X34 is currently available on Amazon for $999 and we suspect the X34P will most likely be ~$1300 when it goes on sale.

In time, no doubt the X34 will be phased out and the X34P will take its place, at which point you won't really have to think about which to buy. But right now, with both monitors in the market, it's a tough choice: is the extra 20 Hz of refresh and new design worth $400? Probably not, though I'm not sure how long the X34 will be around for.

Either monitor is a great option for gamers, and if you choose to spend the extra cash on the superior X34P, you won't be disappointed. 1440p high-refresh ultrawide gaming is awesome, if you can stomach the high price of admission.


Pros: Acer's best ultrawide gaming monitor now packs an even faster refresh rate. Improved design. Still packs great features, like 3440x1440 resolution, G-Sync and high-quality IPS panel.

Cons: Factory calibration isn't as good as with the Predator X34. More expensive for minor upgrades.