Gaming Benchmarks

Time for some games. I've tested nine titles in total and we're going to start with Ashes of the Singularity results, everyone's favorite synthetic gaming benchmark. This game heavily utilizes the CPU and here we see the 2200G offering 18% more performance than the G5400 and almost 30% more once overclocked – those are some huge gains with the GTX 1070.

Assassin's Creed Origins is a game that demands at least a quad-core and ideally you really want a quad-core with SMT or HT support. The dual-core Pentium scrapes by with just 32fps for the 1% low result and this meant the Ryzen CPU was 44% faster with 46fps. Overclocking lead to big gains in this title and here the 2200G was almost 70% faster than the G5400 once overclocked.

Although we can only accurately benchmark the single player portion of Battlefield 1, we see that the 2200G is still being well utilized as it delivered 34% more performance than the G5400 when comparing the 1% low results. That margin was blown out to 53% once the 2200G was overclocked. I should also note that the game ran noticeably better on the Ryzen 3 CPU.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive isn't the kind of game I was expecting to really favor the Ryzen 3 CPU but here we see the 2200G delivering 31% more frames on average and 32% more once overclocked. Overclocking didn't really help much in this title but even so the 2200G was still significantly ahead of the G5400.

Although the G5400 allowed for smooth gameplay in F1 2017 the Ryzen 3 2200G was still significantly faster pushing the 1% low result 25% higher from 64fps to 80fps. Again we see that CPU overclocking had very little impact in this title.

Far Cry 5 is another game where overclocking the 2200G did little for the Ryzen CPU. Nonetheless, it was over 30% faster than the G5400 when looking at the 1% low data.

Again, performance in Overwatch was solid using either CPU but the 2200G was overall 45% faster when comparing 1% low performance.

Another title that saw both GPUs deliver solid performance was Rainbow Six Siege but even so the Ryzen 3 2200G continues its winning way with around 15 to 20% more performance than the Pentium G5400.

Although we can't accurately benchmark Vermintide 2, once things kick off you can expect the 2200G to be at least 30% faster under heavy load and if anything that margin will grow. So another solid win for AMD in our last gaming title.