Application Performance

Moving on to the Blender test, in this real-world application we see an incredible 49% reduction in render time when moving from the Pentium G5400 to the 2200G. That's very much in line with what we saw when looking at multi-threaded performance with Cinebench R15.

We see less of a margin between these two CPUs in the V-Ray benchmark but even so, the 2200G was still 33% faster and 37% faster once overclocked.

The Pentium processor puts forth its best effort yet in a heavily multithreaded test as here it was just 24% slower than the 2200G when testing with Corona. That margin was extended slightly to 28% once we overclocked the 2200G.

For compressing and decompressing archives four Ryzen cores are better than two Intel cores with Hyper-Threading, by an almost 40% margin, which is impressive.

The 2200G also dominated the G5400 in our Excel test, completing the workload almost 30% faster.