PUBG, Project Cars 2, Quake Champions, Shadow of War, Sniper Elite 4

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has never been kind to AMD hardware, so it's not surprising that we find the Core i7 processor enjoying a 17% performance advantage at 720p. That margin is slightly reduced to 15% at 1080p and then entirely eliminated at 1440p once we run into a heavy GPU bottleneck.

Project Cars 2 provides competitive results at 1080p and 1440p while the Core i7-8700K was up to 11% faster at 720p.

The 8700K was up to 21% faster when testing with Quake Champions at 720p. At 1080p we find slightly mixed results, for the average frame rate the 8700K was just 3% faster, but 17% faster when looking at frame time performance. Then as expected the margins evaporate almost entirely at 1440p.

Middle-earth Shadow of War is primarily GPU bound and therefore the 2700X and 8700K are limited to the exact same performance, even at 720p.

Sniper Elite 4 provides mixed results, here the 8700K was up to 22% faster at 720p, then just 6% faster at 1080p and interestingly up to 10% slower at 1440p.