StarCraft II, Total War Saga, The Witcher 3, Vermintide 2, Prey

StarCraft II is one of the few games, possibly the only in fact that plays noticeably better on Intel hardware. These results are from a 2v2 match but in busy 4v4 battles the 2700X and all Ryzen CPUs for that matter do lag a little while CPUs such as the 8700K generally spit our smooth frame rates even in the most intense matches. Sadly, this game does only utilize a single thread which is why it hurts Ryzen a little and as a result the 8700K was up to 28% faster.

Total War Saga is a newly released title and we feel some optimization work for AMD hardware is in order. The 2700X shouldn't be up to 37% slower than the 8700K, especially in a new title so hopefully this can be addressed in a future update.

The Witcher 3 even in the town of Novigrad is mostly GPU limited when playing with these high-end CPUs, so nothing much to report here then.

The last game we're going to look closely at is Vermintide 2 and this title does play well with AMD hardware, that said it plays even better with the Core i7-8700K. It has to be said that performance was most impressive using either CPU despite the fact that the 8700K pushed up to 26% more frames at 720p and up to 20% more at 1080p. Once we hit 1440p though we're limited by the GTX 1080 Ti so performance was much the same.

Prey sees us CPU limited at 720p and 1080p while the game appears GPU limited at 1440p. In either case the end result is near identical performance for the 2700X and 8700K processors.