Far Cry 5 / Primal, For Honor, Fortnite, Wreckfest, GTA V

Moving on to Far Cry 5 and here we see that the 8700K is up to 15% faster at 720p, though just 8% faster for the frame time result and it's the exact same story at 1080p. Then as we increase the resolution to 1440p the 8700K is now up to just 6% faster, just 2% when comparing frame time performance. Needless to say at 4K you'd find a completely GPU limited senario and both CPUs would deliver the exact same result.

Far Cry Primal is just one of those games that's never worked well with AMD CPUs and the 2nd Gen Ryzen parts do little to change that. For whatever reason the 2700X limits performance to just under 100 fps whereas the 8700K can push up to and beyond 120 fps, seen at 720p and 1080p. As expected the margin is heavily reduced at 1440p, though the 8700K does still provide better frame time performance.

For Honour is primarily a GPU bound title and there we see no real difference between these two CPUs, even at 720p.

Included due to popular demand is Fortnite and here we find the 8700K enjoying a 10 - 14% performance advantage at 720p. The Intel CPU remains 14% faster for the frame time performance at 1080p but just 4% faster for the average frame rate. Then at 1440p the 2700X actually edges ahead, granted the frame time performance is identical but it was 3% faster for the average frame rate.

I'd heard that the Ryzen CPUs were have a wreckfest with Intel's Coffee Lake CPUs in the new vehicular combat racing title Wreckfest. Turns out not so much, at least based on our overclocked results. Here the 8700K smashed the Ryzen 7 processor at 720p and 1080p, delivering up to 29% more performance. The damage is somewhat mitigated at 1440p thanks to the GPU bottleneck and with well over 60 fps at all times it has to be said the experience was still great using either CPU.

GTAV is a very old but still very poplar title and due to heavy demand, we include it. Using a GTX 1080 Ti without MSAA provides us with extremely CPU bound results but even so the 2700X hangs in there surprisingly well with the 8700K as it was just 8% slower.