Benchmarks: Hitman, No Man's Sky, Project Cars 2, Rainbow Six Siege

Hitman is yet another title that sees us somewhat CPU limited at 1440p, as here the 2080 Ti was just 8% faster than the 1080 Ti. So let's move to the 4K results to see if the more extreme resolution helped shift the focus towards the GPU.

Once again it's the 4K resolution that helps separate the RTX's from the GTX's. Here the 2080 Ti was 24% faster than the 1080 Ti, a decent performance jump but not enough to justify the price increase. Meanwhile the 2080 roughly matched the 1080 Ti, making it 30% faster than the 1080, which is an impressive result.

For the first time ever No Man's Sky has found its way into our benchmarks, quite a few viewers requested we test with this title, since apparently it's pretty good now. Performance with the new RTX graphics card isn't bad either, the 2080 was a smidgen faster than the 1080 Ti and that meant it was a whopping 49% faster than the 1080.

Then at the very top of the graph we of course have the new RTX 2080 Ti which offered a 25% performance bump over the standard 2080. Increasing the resolution to 4K helped the 2080 Ti extend it's lead ever so slightly over the 2080, now it's 27% faster. Meanwhile the 2080 beat the 1080 by a slightly less impressive 41% margin.

The results when testing with Project Cars 2 aren't as impressive as we were expecting and here we don't appear to be running into any kind of system bottleneck. The 2080 Ti was just 18% faster than the 1080 Ti and the 2080 just 21% faster than the 1080.

Hopping up to the 4K resolution did nothing to help the 2080 Ti out, here it was still less than 20% faster than the 1080 Ti while the 2080 was now just 19% faster than the 1080. This could merely be a driver issue or it could be that Turing is unable to leverage the integer cores in this title.

Next up we have Rainbow Six Siege and this is a title that's always leveraged the Radeon GPUs very well, here we see Vega 56 matching the GTX 1080 and beating the 1070 Ti, something it doesn't often do. Turing seems to correct this and here we're seeing steller gains over Pascal, even at 1440p. Here the 2080 Ti is almost 40% faster than the 1080 Ti while the 2080 is 51% faster than the 1080.

Those are some serious gains and we see them continue at 4K as the 2080 Ti is now 51% faster than the 1080 Ti and the 2080 52% faster than the 1080, those are some seriously impressive gains there, I was shocked to see 145 fps on average at 4K from the 2080 Ti, that's mind bending performance.