Memory Bandwidth Performance

For a dual-core processor the Core i5 661 achieved an impressive read and write memory bandwidth when testing with MaxxMem². Compared to the old Core 2 Duo E7400 we see a considerable performance gain, though there's also a 28% clock speed advantage.

Against the the quad-core Core i5 750 processor, the Core i5 661 was around 22% slower.

The next batch of MaxxMem² results display the time it took to complete the test as well as the latency results. Although the Core i5 661 produced an impressive memory bandwidth, the latency was quite high, matching that of the old Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor. The latency was 43% higher on the Core i5 661 opposed to the Core i5 750 processor.

Testing read/write performance with EVEREST Ultimate Edition, we see again impressive bandwidth results from the Core i5 661, despite of trailing behind the Core i5 750.