Synthetic 3D Performance

Furmark is one of the benchmark programs we use to measure synthetic 3D performance. As you can see, all 7 processor configurations were able to max out the GeForce GTX 285 at 186fps. The minimum frame rates seemed to be more or less dictated by the processors' clock frequency, though the Phenom II appeared to provide a performance advantage here.

The Core i5 661 performs very well in the SPECviewperf v10, Maya and 3dsMax tests, losing only to the Core i5 750 processor in each test. This meant that the Core i5 661 was just able to edge out the Phenom II X4 945, while it was around 40% faster than the Core 2 Quad Q6600.

CINEBENCH R10 has been used to show both single and multi-threading performance. When using a single thread the 3.33GHz Core i5 661 really shines with a score of 4750pts. This put the Core i5 661 ahead of the Core i5 750.

The multi-threading test saw the Core i5 661 more than doubling its single thread score thanks to the use of Hyper-Threading, but still not quite enough to match the Core i5 750.