Synthetic Application Performance

The MaxxPI² 8MB Calculation results are very interesting. When utilizing a single core the Core i5 661 is considerably faster than the Core i5 750, which is not that surprising given the 28% clock speed advantage.

Enabling all cores had the dual-core Core i5 661 matching the i5 750 however. This could be due to the clock speed advantage combined with Hyper-Threading support. The second set of MaxxPI² results shows the actual throughput that each processor was capable of.

Using the WinRAR benchmark we measured performance using a single core and multi-core configurations. Oddly, with a single core in use WinRAR indicates that the Core i5 750 is faster than the Core i5 661, which we thought was unlikely to occur.

The multi-core test also gives the Core i5 750 a serious performance advantage over the Core i5 661.

On a positive note, the Core i5 661 was almost able to match the multi-core performance of the Phenom II X4 945.