IGP Performance

For testing the new Intel IGP we used AMD's 780G which uses Radeon HD 3200 graphics. This is AMD's third fastest IGP, behind the Radeon HD 3300 found on 790GX boards, and the Radeon HD 4200 used on 785G boards, the fastest and second fastest IGPs on the market, respectively.

Our Core i5 661 GPU delivered comparable performance to that of the AMD 780G. The synthetic FurMark test at 1024x768 saw the 780G deliver a maximum frame rate of 11fps, while the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD produced a maximum of 10fps. The Intel platform got stomped in the Maya test, delivering significantly less performance.

Finally, we tested with Unreal Tournament 3 using maximum image quality settings with AA/AF disabled at 1024x768. At this low resolution the GMA HD managed 30fps, while the 780G averaged just 22fps. In either case, do not expect to do much gaming with either integrated solution.