Benchmarks: Far Cry, F.E.A.R

In the past I have generally found Far Cry to be more supportive of ATI based graphics cards, though this is clearly not the case with the X1600 series. The GeForce 7600GS was slightly faster than the Radeon X1650 Pro at 1600x1200, with less than a frame per second favoring the green team. The 7600GS was on the other hand 6fps faster at 1024x768.

The more powerful 7600GT destroyed the X1650 Pro and 7600GS graphics cards in Far Cry at 1600x1200 with the high quality FSAA & Aniso settings enabled. The 7600GT blasted ahead creating a massive 68% performance lead in its favor.

The F.E.A.R results are quite interesting, while the 7600GS was significantly faster with the FSAA & Aniso settings disabled, enabling them gave ATI the lead. Turning the FSAA 2x + Aniso 8x settings on gave the X1650 Pro a 5fps win at 1024x768, 4fps at 1280x1024 and 2fps at 1600x1200.

The 7600GT was also quite successful in F.E.A.R as it defeated the new X1650 Pro by 34% at 1280x1024. With an average frame rate of 51fps the 7600GT was very impressive given FSAA 2x + Aniso 8x was also enabled.