Benchmarks: CrystalDiskMark 3.0

Although our game and program copy test results were a little disappointing, the Vertex LE is able to match the Vertex 2 Pro when measuring sequential performance using CrystalDiskMark. That said, there is not much of a gain over the original Vertex drive either. The limited edition drive was 44% faster than Intel's X25-M G2 when comparing write performance, but also 26% slower when it came to read speeds.

In the random 512K test the OCZ Vertex LE is again able to roughly match the results produced by the Vertex 2 Pro. The drive showed 30% faster write speeds than Intel's X25-M G2. Although read speeds of the Vertex LE were similar to those of the X25-M G2, it beat the original Vertex by a 25% performance margin here.

The random 4K performance test saw the Vertex LE overtake the Vertex 2 Pro in write performance, while it was considerably slower when measuring read speeds. Specifically the drive was 7% faster writing data than the Vertex 2 Pro and 18% compared to Intel's X25-M G2. Even more impressive was the comparison between the Vertex LE and the original Vertex, which saw the LE produce six and a half times more write performance.

The 4K-QD32 results were also on par with the OCZ Vertex 2 Pro, although the limited edition Vertex has sacrificed some read performance. Still, the drive was an impressive 74% faster than the original Vertex when measuring read performance. By matching the OCZ Vertex 2 Pro in write speeds, the Vertex LE was 36% faster than the Intel X25-M G2 and a whopping 11 times faster than the original Vertex.